Chris is very conscientious and professional in both his planning and delivery. His sessions always incorporate a full spectrum of challenges and exercises to answer the needs of participants training at all ability levels, while his communication and engagement skills ensure that everyone gets the maximum benefit possible from the session.

Gary Kelly

Magazine Editor

I really enjoy Chris's circuit training.

A lot of effort on his behalf goes into the formation of his class. He is also very approachable and knowledgeable about training methods.

Linda Al-Kanani

Retired Nurse

I really enjoyed working together with Chris. You will admire his passion and knowledge of fitness. Even if you give up on yourself he will never give up on you, he will always strive for the quality!

Edgaras Lindinas

Founder, Motivat-Ed Personal Training

When I began weight training with Chris I had not made any improvements for some time. The programme designed for my goals and the coaching on correct form has enabled me to take a step forward.

Matt Carter


Chris’s expertise in fitness training combined with his passion and enthusiasm makes for a fantastic session. Activities are gauged to different areas of fitness and constantly varied. He gauges your level of fitness, making sure you work out safely at your optimal level. His classes are fun and addictive!

Joy Murray

Retired Headteacher

I have been training with Chris for some time now and his coaching has improved my boxing technique as well as significantly improving my fitness. He is always encouraging me to develop and improve, even at 58 years old.

Terry James

Computer Engineer


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